The gift of a lifetime! Celebrating your stories today & preserving them for future generations.

Broad background spans development of core messages, branding, design of social media platforms, digital communication strategies, community visioning and preserving heritage through storytelling, friend-raising & building campaigns for non-government organizations

Oral History - interviews with family ,friends or communities. Celebrating life today and preserving stories for future generations. Radio & film documentaries. All projects can be customized to meet your need.

Media & Communications - review of current media & communications activities and provide advice on strategic planning, consultation on building a social media profile, website management and design, PR increasing media exposure and copy writing.

Fundraising- review of current fundraising activities and assistance with strategic planning, direct marketing, bequests, campaigns, & designing a Regular Giving Programme.

tapestries- weaving stories together ™


  • NSCSS- Serving the community for 40 years

    1 August at 14:14 from atlas

    In other work I have contributed to the collating and writing of the history of North Shore community and Social Services Inc. ...

  • Animation of oral history interviews

    1 August at 13:56 from atlas

    I am looking forward to working with Miriam Harris - Animator and tutor in animation at AUT. Watch her award-winning new video animation ...

  • Youth Pathways Legacy

    1 August at 13:47 from atlas

    I am currently contracted to Auckland Council to undertake a review of youth who have participated in Council initiatives such as: shore ...

  • Referral key

    1 August at 13:44 from atlas

    I've just signed up with Referralkey.com to promote my work and to find others in small business that I can connect with and refer ...

  • JoM podcast

    14 April at 17:37 from atlas

    In this podcast Ruth Greenaway (Oral Historian) and Keren Cook (Project Manger for the ...


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